PEPSI FEST 2020 faced some challenges starting in August 2019 when the Clarion Hotel closed and we had to scramble to find another hotel.  That almost had PF #34 canceled if we couldn't secure a hotel.

BUT it wasn't a hotel, or the weather that stopped #34 - it was a little bug called COVID-19 that stopped the world and Pepsi Fest #34 in it's tracks.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who are on the front lines fighting and supporting the nation during this time of "sheltering in place", working from home, trying to make ends meet, and caring for family and loved ones.  Stay Safe and Take Care and hope to see you all in Indy in 2021!!!

Another Great Pepsi Fest has come to an end.  

We had 166 attendees, 13 First Timers and 12 kids and a teenager!

Registration Form and schedule information will be available at a later date
to download at the link below.
 it will also be in the Oct-Dec and Jan-Mar PCCC Express Newsletters

Information contact the PCCC Secretary

Yahoo! Mountain Dew! - Pepsi Fest had a sub-theme this year as we celebrated 55 years of Mountain Dew as part of the Pepsi Family.  Phillip Dillman presented an awesome seminar on the history of Mountain Dew.  Along with our Silent Auction, Oral Auction, Pizza Party and Buffet Dinner (that we ate in by the light of flashlights and cellphones - as the wind blew down a pole outside the hotel), but it came back on in time for our Mini Collection displays and we topped off our final evening with a fantastic hat parade - over 30+ people participated.   IF you missed it - you don't want to miss it next year ...

PEPSI FEST # 34 (2020) LOGO

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Pepsi Fest began in 1987, when members of the Pepsi Cola Collectors Club met in Indianapolis for the first time ever. It is held in March every year in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the exception of 1998, when Pepsi Fest was held in New Bern, North Carolina to celebrate Pepsi's 100th anniversary. Pepsi Fest is a three day event where collectors are given the opportunity to buy and trade from each other, attend seminars on Pepsi memorabilia, and get to know each other at social functions. The purpose of this event is to bring Pepsi collectors together from all over the world. The ultimate goal of the event is fun!

Must Be a Member of the PCCC to attend this event or a guest of a PCCC Member.

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MARCH 18-20, 2021

Indianapolis, Indiana

Marriott East   (317) 352.1231

7202 E. 21st. Street, Indianapolis, IN

Guaranteed Room Rate - reserve by March 1, 2021

Contact the hotel directly by phone to reserve your room.

Or you can reserve your room online at the link that will be provided at a later date.