The Clocks below are reproductions.

Please note that sometimes clocks get cleaned up and screws get replaced with Phillips screws but most of the other identifiers are there.   Look over the complete clock see the positives and the negatives. If you get a clock like this, if you don't pay the original clock value, you get all the looks without the cost.    The last reproduction on eBay went for $750 USD while at auction, originals go over $4,500 USD. 

On the left is original version neon. Things to look for are Slotted Pan head screws, cork mounting for neon tube (Tube has to be mounted on nonconductive surface. If mounted to metal, there is a shock risk!), the shape of clock hands, the originals never had a second hand (That's what the cap is to represent), position of screws mounting the rocking cap (vertical real) (horizontal reproduction), Swihart manufacturing Elwood Indiana (decals have been reproduced), spun aluminum case is original. The Black Powder-coated case is the reproduction. Original clock mechanism drives the cap to rock while the Reproduction has a separate motor. The clock has to be disassembled to see this, although sometimes it’s visible through mounting hole. The face of the original has a smaller opening for neon tubes than reproduction so the neon tube access on the original is not noticeable in the straight on view but very noticeable on the reproduction. The single dot script printing is poorly done on the reproduction… To my knowledge, the non-illuminated Rocker clock has not been reproduced.


The Clock below is an original.