Things to beware of:

Do you know the difference between authentic Pepsi memorabilia, reproduced items, and fantasy items?  Knowing the difference could save you money.  Authentic items are, or were made by or under the authorization of the Pepsi Cola Company.  Reproductions are made by others and are copies of authentic items made to fool buyers.  Fantasy items use the Pepsi Cola name and my include actual Pepsi logos and advertising slogans, but were not part of Pepsi promotions - in others words, someone made them up! 

Any of these items could be included in your collection if you like them and feel they are fairly priced.  But, what you pay should reflect what they are.  Some older authentic items can be quite expensive (these are ones that often are reproduced).  Reproductions might be nice for less costly decorating - but you need guidelines to tell the difference.  Fantasy items are often cute and desirable for decorating.  If helps if you know and trust the person you are buying from, but often you do not.  Being a member of the Pepsi Cola Collectors Club helps you become more knowledgeable.  Yearly membership can help you save a lot when you want to buy authentic items for your collection.  Don't wait -- join Today!

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Are you new to collecting?

Here are some tips to get you started.  Get much more information as a member.


  1. Pepsi Fest, East Coast Pepsi Connection, Ozark Mountain Gathering, and Pepsi Celebration
  2. Yard Sales
  3. Flea Markets
  4. Antique Shops & Malls
  5. eBay
  6. Garage Sales
  7. Trading for or buying from fellow collectors
  8. Websites


Pepsi Cola Items

     Radios, bottles, cone top cans, signs, lighters, patches, paper items, containers, novelties, toys, money clips ...

Diet Pepsi Items

     Pins, cups, bottles, cans, menu boards, clocks, signs, patches ...

Mountain Dew Hillbilly items from 1950s and 1960s

     Bottles, signs, megaphones, snow globes, cans, clocks, sample cups, fountain handles, lighters, coins ...

Slice Items

     Pins, chairs, signs, cups, patches ...

Patio Items

     Bottles, cans, cups, patches ...

Evervess Items

     Clocks, bottles, pins, trays ...

New to Collecting